Focal length stats

Benjamin recently posted a diagram with the results of my FocalApp application applied to all his images. Here’re the results with my images:

Obviously I only posess the 18-55mm Kit lens and I use smaller focal lenths more often. The Google chart API is quite handy for such simple statistics.


FocalApp v0.2

I changed my FocalApp java application a little bit. First, there was sometimes a memory exception as the old version did a “new File()” in each loop iteration and apparently the garbage collector couldn’t catch up. I moved the file-open operation into an own class method and now the GC seems to get its job done. Second, I added some more command line parameters for specifying the camera model, the file extensions and the file name pattern – which all filter the resulting image file list used for the focal length count. Hence one can now say “Only count the images whose EXIF data’s camera model is a Canon 300D, but only the CRW files and only the files starting with CRW_50”. In addition I added a little help screen:

javac -Xlint:unchecked -classpath .;metadata-extractor-2.4.0-beta-1.jar
jar cfm FocalApp.jar Manifest.txt *.class

java -jar FocalApp.jar [Options]

For all images in the given directory and its subdirectories read the
lenses' focal length from the exif data and print a summary of how
often the particular focal lengths are used.

Currently this program works with the following image types:
* CRW - Canon Raw
* CR2 - Canon Raw v2
* NEF - Nikon Raw
* ARW - Sony Raw

-imagepath          path for the images to work on                          (required)
-camera             string with the name of the camera, the program will    (optional)
                    only count the images containing that camera name
-fileext            only count images with that file extension(s)           (optional)
-filename           only count images matching this regular expression      (optional)

java -jar FocalApp.jar -imagedir "D:testimages"
java -jar FocalApp.jar -imagedir "D:testimages" -camera "Canon EOS 30D"
-fileext "jpg,crw" -filename "^CRW(.*)"

Feel free to get the new version here. You can find the original blog post to the FocalApp here.