Omg, I’m blogging! Well, first maybe some stuff I’ve been doing at present. This will mainly be GPU rendering and Direct3D/OpenGL topics. There’re many interesting blogs caring about such issues:

BrainDump by flo
Flo is lead dev at RadonLabs in Berlin (Nebula2+3 engines, Drakensang game for example)

Diary of a Graphics Programmer
Blog of Wolgang Engel (ShaderX books, Rockstar games dev)
Christer Ericson’s blog (Sony dev)
Dr. Kappa’s Korner.  Graphics blog.
Real-Time Rendering blog, by sackboy from LittleBIGPlanet project, There’s also a book with that name ^^
LOD stuff, but also posts about shadows, Radiosity, etc.


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